Transcending Dawn, Vampire Series~P.A. Whitfield

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Shadow of Jealousy

      Dylan tensed his arm around Chrissie’s waist. “I’m extremely familiar with Chrissie, but not the way you think.” To show ownership, he kissed her neck.

       Chrissie held her breath in apprehension. Her first love, and the man she adored, stood face to face. She couldn’t think of a more dangerous scenario.

       The red margins of Jayden’s lips narrowed. All aspects of his face crinkled in the middle. “Is that a fact?”

     “That’s a fact.” Dylan stepped forward. “You got a problem with it?” Chrissie had only seen Dylan that hostile once. The altercation with her father and Professor Marshall had brought out the worst in him.

       Though Jayden stood three inches shorter than Dylan, he advanced. “You’re not a vampire. You’re not human. What are you?”


downswynn says:  This book was awesome. OMG I read both books in one day !!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Can't wait till the next one. This author has turned me into a reader. !!!!

      Professor Marshall seemed to float toward her. “Chrissie, are you all right?” He lifted her head, and his tone echoed in her ears. Chrissie shook her head, trying to clear the fog that had encased her brain. “Chrissie?” She heard someone speak through the mist that shrouded her.

      Her eyes shutting against their own weight, Chrissie fluttered her eyelids. Unable to see, she muttered, “Will you call, Dylan. Please?” She wasn’t sure whether she had spoken. A brief time passed, or what she perceived to be a brief time. As if in a dream, she felt someone lifting her into his arms. “Dylan?” she called, then rested her head against his shoulder.

      “No,” someone in the fog growled, “you’ll never see that hideous being again.” Her arms fell limp as she floated away.

      Chrissie struggled to see, to hear, to feel, but there was nothing, and soon her consciousness slipped away.


Unsigned author says:  This is a great book. Just the right amount of action, romance, and mystery to keep me interested. Can't wait for the next issue.

B.B. says: 

What can I say? Payton has done it again. This book kept the action and romance of the previous novels, while providing some startling twists. Great work, Payton. Keep it up. Look forward to the next in the series.