Transcending Dawn, Vampire Series~P.A. Whitfield

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Transcending Dawn~Volumes One and Two

Feisty and hot tempered, the beautiful Christina Garrett has never experienced true love. At the tender age of eighteen, her father initiated her into the vampire world. Transcending Dawn revolves around the relationship between Christina Garrett, a young biracial vampire, and Dylan Duncan, a drachmon warrior. Set in Texas, this novel is a paranormal romance, filled with action, suspense and lighthearted humor.

Chrissie, encumbered by her strict moral upbringing, finds herself enamored by the charming and charismatic Dylan Duncan. Ostensibly, Chrissie oozes sex appeal; however, growing up without a father and the death of her mother when she was ten has left her emotionally scarred and skeptical of most people. Only Dylan, half human and half dragon, successfully penetrates the protective barriers she has constructed. Although they immediately forge a powerful bond, outside forces conspire to destroy their relationship before it begins. No erotica.


Great book! It was interesting from beginning to end! I can FEEL the connection between Chrissie and Dylan. It has everything I love in a book! Great job Payton!! Keep them coming!!!!!!!  Gina

What can I say? I love this book and can't wait till the next volume. If you haven't read it, you're missing out on a treat.  Angie

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Volume3 Seemingly evil incarnate, Professor Walter Marshall, a two hundred year old vampire, has only one burning obsession―to possess Christina Garrett, a twenty-five year old vampiress. Yet, this stunningly gorgeous and vivacious female has found her true love. Dylan Duncan, half human and half dragon, is a handsome drachmon warrior. Although their cultures deem them natural enemies, Dylan and Christina adore each other. Initially, things are idyllic for the couple. However, a series of adverse events transpire, aimed at the destruction of their relationship. Will their affection survive the cruel plots perpetrated by Marshall as he schemes to seduce Christina? Only time will tell.

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